Can I upload Pivot Animations to Newgrounds?

2009-06-29 09:41:53 by MartinLangis

How do I upload Animations that i've created on Pivot to Newgrounds?
I'm not sure if I can or not but if I can do it, can someone tell me how to please?
I've been creating some really sweet Animations on Pivot, but I dont know how
to upload my Creations to Newgrounds.

I Recently watched a Flash movie on Newgrounds,
that was said to have been Created from Pivot.
Can someone show me how to upload
my Pivot Animations to Newgrounds Please.
I would Greatly Appreciate it.


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2010-05-24 23:00:48

im sorry


2011-06-01 22:06:38

i was told you had to save it as a .swf