Check out my Animations from Pivot!

2009-09-02 02:49:04 by MartinLangis

I have not been able to upload my Pivot Animations to Newgrounds so I decided to post them on See my Animations at: jNAc&feature=PlayList&p=862E71B28A627E 10

I hope you enjoy! -Sincerely: Martin Langis.

P.S: Be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Thanks!

Check out my art!

2009-08-28 19:01:40 by MartinLangis

I made some screenshots on Halo 3 awhile back and i just wanted to show you guys. I hope you like them. P.S: Please dont Blam them.

Funny NG Tank guy

2009-08-09 09:30:31 by MartinLangis

Hey Everybody! I made some tribute video's to Newgrounds on Youtube.
They are very funny! Please watch them. You wont be disappointed. bbVg&feature=PlayList&p=1DE81487A7F7C6 77&index=0&playnext=1

Can I upload Pivot Animations to Newgrounds?

2009-06-29 09:41:53 by MartinLangis

How do I upload Animations that i've created on Pivot to Newgrounds?
I'm not sure if I can or not but if I can do it, can someone tell me how to please?
I've been creating some really sweet Animations on Pivot, but I dont know how
to upload my Creations to Newgrounds.

I Recently watched a Flash movie on Newgrounds,
that was said to have been Created from Pivot.
Can someone show me how to upload
my Pivot Animations to Newgrounds Please.
I would Greatly Appreciate it.

how to upload vids

2008-07-17 14:36:48 by MartinLangis

Hi im new here to newgrounds and i just wanted to know how to upload videos. message me on how to do it if you read this message. thks (=